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PADI Open Water Diver. If you’ve always wanted to learn how to scuba dive, discover new adventures or simply see the wondrous world beneath the waves, this is where it starts.

The PADI Open Water Diver course is the world’s most popular scuba course, and has introduced millions of people to the adventurous diving lifestyle.

The fun part about this course is . . . well, just about all of it because learning to dive is incredible. The PADI Open Water Course introduces you to breathing underwater for the first time (something you’ll never forget) and learn what you need to know to become a certified diver. During the course, you’ll make at least five pool dives and four dives at local dive sites under the supervision of your PADI Instructor

Cost: £ 375



Adv Diver

PADI Adventure Diver. The PADI Adventure Diver course helps you get more out of diving by introducing you to new types of scuba diving adventures. It’s a great opportunity to work with your instructor to build your scuba diving skills and gain more confidence. To take the Adventure Diver course, you must be a  PADI Open Water Diver or Junior Open Water Diver certification (or qualifying certification from another organization) and a minimum age: 15 years old (10 years old for PADI Junior Adventure Diver)

After your PADI Adventure Diver certification you can take the next step by completing two more adventure dives. If you've completed five total adventure dives that include deep and navigation, you're an PADI Advanced Open Water Diver

Cost: POA



Adv OW

PADI Advanced Open Water Diver. The course consists of 5 adventure dives. These dives are designed to develop a divers abilities by introducing them to a number of exciting different diving experiences. The aim of the program is to have loads of fun underwater while learning new skills which will be used during many of your future dives. The PADI Advanced Open Water must include both the Deep Dive* and the Navigation Dives*. The complete list of PADI Adventure Dives is as follows

Advanced Diver Certification procedures for students:
1. Completion of four (5) specialty courses.
2. After the previous requirements are met and verified by an Instructor. Please Note, Rescue Diver is not a specialty course, but rather a stand-alone course that may be taken only after a diver has received their Advanced Card.

Cost: £275



PADI Rescue Diver. The rescue certification course is designed to develop the knowledge and necessary skills for an individual to effectively perform diver rescues and assists, and administer necessary first aid. Qualifications of Graduates

Upon successful completion of this course, graduates are able to conduct rescues to distressed divers.

Upon successful completion of this course, graduates are qualified to enrol: Padi Divemaster Course

pre-requisites Minimum age 18 (15 with parental consent Successful completion of swimming evaluation. Current CPR and First Aid certification

Cost: £275



PADI Dive Master . This program is designed to develop the skills & knowledge necessary for an individual to lead certified divers in the open water environment. Dives up to a maximum depth of 40 metres Qualifications of Graduates

Upon successful completion of this course, graduates may:
1. Assist an Padi instructor during approved diving courses Provided the activities are similar to the graduate's prior training.
2. Supervise and conduct dives for certified divers provided the activities are similar to the graduate's prior training.

pre-requisites Must be 18 years old Candidates must be a certified Advanced Open Water & Rescue Diver. Must hold Current CPR and First Aid certification Have a current medical examination Minimum 40 logged dives

Cost: £399


Asst Instr

Open Water Instructor/Assistant Instructor. This course is designed to have student gain practical teaching experience with an active Padi instructor.

Upon successful completion of this course, graduates may:
1. Teach and Certify students in the Skin Diver course
2. Conduct the Inactive Diver/Refresher course
3. Conduct the knowledge Quest review in the Open Water Scuba Diver course under the guidance of a teaching instructor.

pre-requisites Must be 18 years old Candidates must be certified as a Divemaster. Must hold Current CPR and First Aid certification Have a current medical examination Minimum 40 logged dives

Cost: £295



PADI Instructor. The Padi instructor candidate course is designed to teach current Divemaster or Assistant Instructors the knowledge to safely function as an independent instructor.

This program is broken up into 2 sections,
an Instructors Development course (IDC)
and an Instructors Evaluation course (IEC).

Upon successful completion of this course, graduates may teach the Open Water Scuba Diver through to Assistant Instructor courses.

pre-requisites Must be 18 years old Must be certified as a Padi Assistant instructor or Divemaster or Equivalent. Must hold Current CPR and First Aid certification Have a current medical examination for diving Must have at least 100 logged dives done in a number of different environments with varying depth.

Cost: £350
IEC not included



PADI Speciality Courses. Deep Tech offers a number of Padi specialty courses. The Padi specialty courses are designed to develop the necessary skills for an individual to effectively perform designated skills underwater. Padi specialties include but are not limited to:

Aware Fish ID. Have you ever been scuba diving and asked yourself, "What was that?” The PADI Project AWARE Fish Identification Specialty course provides you with the fish identification basics so that next time, you know the answer.

Boat Diver. Whether you’ve never made a boat dive or you’ve logged dozens, the PADI Boat Diver Specialty course can benefit almost every diver because different boats in different parts of the world do things differently.

Digital Underwater Photographer. Underwater photography is one of the most popular diving specialties, and the rise of digital underwater photography has made it easier and more fun than ever. This is why there are actually two PADI underwater photography courses.

Deep Diver. After your first few scuba dives, you soon want to explore a bit deeper. There’s something exciting and mysterious about the depth that attracts dives.The fun part about this course is the opportunity to explore the deep. It’s exhilarating.

DPV. DPVs offer a thrilling way to see a lot of underwater territory in a brief amount of time. They scoot you through the water without kicking. Whether making a shore dive or diving from a boat, a DPV is a great way to see more and have a blast doing it.

Dry Suit Diver. Wanna stay warm and toasty on a dive? Then dive dry. Yes! Unlike a wetsuit, a dry suit seals you off from the outside water and that keeps you warm! Even in surprisingly cold water.

Drift Diver. The PADI Drift Diver Specialty course introduces you to the coolest magic carpet ride you’ll ever experience. This course shows you how to enjoy rivers and ocean currents by “going with the flow,” staying with your dive partner, communicating with the dive boat and knowing where you are the whole time.

Enriched Air Diver. The PADI Enriched Air Diver course is PADI’s most popular specialty scuba diving course, and it’s easy to see why. Scuba diving with enriched air nitrox gives you more no decompression dive time. This means more time underwater, especially on repetitive scuba dives.

Multi Level Diver & Computer. Do you want to maximize your dive times? (Of course). Want to get the most out of your dive computer and The Wheel (naturally). Then the PADI Multilevel Diver Specialty course is for you.

Night Diver. As the sun sets, you don your dive gear, slip on your scuba mask and bite down on your dive regulator. A deep breath and you step off the boat – into the underwater night

Peak Performance  Buoyancy. What is neutral buoyancy? Scuba divers like to be neutrally buoyant so they neither sink nor float. It can be a tricky thing. Divers who’ve mastered the highest performance levels in buoyancy stand apart. You’ve seen them underwater.

Underwater Navigator. Be the diver everyone wants to follow and make your sense of direction legendary with the PADI Underwater Navigator Specialty course.

Underwater Videographer. Other than taking someone diving, there’s only one way to show someone the sounds, motion and dynamics of the underwater world: video.

Cost: POA


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